BIG-BAG with foil

BIG BAG general description:

Fabric: coated or uncoated PP.fabric, 140-250 g/m2 with 25-30 g/m2 coating

Type: 4 loops in the corners

Shaping: the bag can be square-shaped or rectangular, size according custumers order. Coated or uncoated and with PE-filmliner.

Sewing: with one, two or three filler cords for fine powders

Fill spout:
diameter 250-600 mm

Discharge spout: diameter 250-600 mm

Skirt: 650-1000 mm, coated, uncoated

Print: up to 4 sides and 2 colours

SWL: 500-2000 kg

SF: 5:1 for one-way-bags; 6:1 for multitrip and UN-coded bags

Inner foil linings:
– conductive
– antistatic
– Aluminum foil PET-ALU-PE


Foil insert types

open top / closed bottom at the top

glass neck / closed bottom

glass neck / glass neck

dimensionally stable Q - BAG foil

Fixing foil inserts


Sewed at 8 points

Sewed at 4 points

glued on each side