The flexitanks are an excellent alternative to tank containers, ISO-tanks, change, cans, drums, and other packagings which are used for the transport and storage of liquid products, not falling under the dangerous goods regulation.

The flexitank production process is DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, our flexitanks are certified by German association for technical inspection (TÜV) and our standard flexitank system passed the rail impact test in Görlitz with no damage.

The flexitanks can be fitted with different equipments for filling, emptying and outgasing.

Top filling-discharge system

Bottom filling-discharge system

In very close co-operation with the customer these flexitanks are manufactured for volumes from 10,000 litres up to 28,000 litres. The filling volume always depends on the density of liquid to be transported. It is important that the filling weight will not exceed 24 tons.


What can be transported in a flexitank?

chemical materials, oils, emulsions, dispersions, latex, silicones, silicates, colours, etc. food stuff, wines, edible oils, fruit juices, concentrates, molasses, water, etc..



Why flexitanks?

– cost saving of up to 40 % for the transport of liquids

– minimum effort by delivery of packaging to installation place

– simple and easy installation of flexitank

– no cleaning costs​


Flexitank for truck trailers